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By jason (registered) | Posted September 05, 2013 at 12:56:38

fantastic images! We'd be getting this identical set-up from Vancouver:

Not to be totally nit-picky, but I'd like to see trees planted regularly in these planters since Cannon is so dull and grey. Eventually once this becomes a permanent project, we can plant trees in the portion of sidewalk closest to the curb. There is room for street trees on both sides of Cannon in it's entirety.

One final suggestion - this bike project should extend to Hess St instead of ending at Bay. This would do a couple of things:

  • Link up to Hess St school and Sir John A.

  • Connect to Hess which is a safe cycling route through downtown and north through Central Park.

  • Would keep cars in the 'through lanes' and thus cut down on the drastic number of crashes that occur when drivers suddenly realize that their lane is actually a turning lane onto Queen and try to veer over at the last second.

Eventually when the York lanes extend into the core, a bike box can be installed on Cannon at Hess and allow cyclists to shift to the north curb of York to continue. On the eastbound lanes of York a bike box can be added to allow cyclists to jump north to the eastbound Cannon lane if they choose. Hess already has a massive painted 'dead zone' on it's eastern curb between Cannon and York that would be perfect for a 2-way bike lane connecting these lanes.

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