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By Bram (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2013 at 21:04:25

I sincerely want to be happy, but two things stand in the way for now: 1) today's vote doesn't yet mean it will happen--too often Council has backed away from progressive moves after receiving complaints from certain influential/moneyed voices of the status quo, and 2) as ViennaCafe mentions above, this lane, chopped as it already has been before reaching this stage, will likely be much too short for serious cross-city users. And as someone who is on Hamilton's streets by bike every workday, cycling for a living and using bikes for personal transportation, and one who teaches defensive cycling, incl. traffic dynamics, cycling infrastructure that just suddenly ends is often more annoying than none at all.

I so wish this city would stop taking good proposals, then chop them up into small disconnected segments. I've spoken to this before. For cycling, or pedestrian infrastructure for that matter, to be useful and successful, it needs to be substantive, coherent and connected to other like infrastructure so as not to leave users suddenly in the lurch (translating to frustration and/or danger, depending on rider knowledge, skill and confidence levels).

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