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By Hamilton Resident (anonymous) | Posted September 06, 2013 at 19:09:16

Also, given potential of heavy snowfalls, and the use of metal scooper of snowplows/bobcats, there is a huge were and tear on the road/sidewalk surface. In many parts of the downtown, concrete curbs and asphalt sidewalks show deep scarring/gouging of the surface from this.

How would the green paint suggested on the bike lanes weather such conditions? Black asphalt surfaces tend to go greyish over a few months and all the cuts and patches done on the surface from various repairs to underground services, tend to blend into one large greyish mass. Wouldn't the green paint as it wears down from use tend to look patchy and unkempt in a year? and requiring more frequent repainting?

The Vancouver picture linked above shows the regular street asphalt on the bike lanes, which does lend itself to handling heavy wear and tear.

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