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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted September 08, 2013 at 16:05:06

Excellent concept!

The only concern that I have is about the implementation. Will it be properly and professionally done, using the Dutch CROW traffic engineering design standards for cycle infrastructure?

Or will it be a crappy, unsafe implementation that few people will use and that will be held up as a poster child for people who hate us to oppose cycle infrastructure?

Unfortunately, Hamilton has no shortage of crappy implementations of what would otherwise be great infra. For example, the new Red Bridge over the QEW. Which is great, except that its West end features a lethal trap in the form of an 1)unmarked railway crossing that 2) crosses the path at an angle at 3) a hairpin turn at 4) the bottom of a hill which is 5) not properly cleared of snow and ice in the winter.

Putting all five lethal hazard factors together, I do not believe that I could design a more dangerous trap to endanger the public if I set my mind to it.

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