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By Paul (registered) | Posted July 20, 2007 at 22:07:53

Petrodollar Warfare was a real eye opener. As was Engdahl's book A Century of War. Consider five basic principles surrounding the War in Iraq:

  1. Up until 2000, all OPEC countries sold their oil exclusively in American dollars. That should raise a flag. Exactly why should France have to buy American dollars to buy Iranian Oil?

  2. Before the War in Iraq, oil contracts were largely held by France, Russia, China, Italy and Germnay.

  3. In the fall of 2000 Saddam Hussein switched his oil sales from dollars to euros.

  4. After the invasion, oil sales reverted back to the American dollar.

  5. Afte the invasion, oil contracts were held by American and Britain, the very nations that led the attack.

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