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By KT (anonymous) | Posted September 11, 2013 at 09:17:36

Hi just wanted to say that I'm moving to Hamilton and am a bit concerned about the dog culture I've seen so far in my new neighbourhood (Ottawa St N). While prepping the house for move-in I've walked my dog (on leash) along the streets to and from local parks, and there are a lot of big backyard dogs that want to fence-fight. One rottweiler that lives across the track from our local park gets up on the fence and barks continuously for the entire time we're at the park. The last time we walked along a certain street one of the residents' gates was left open, and their pit bull rushed out at me and my dog on the sidewalk. I had zero time to think, it was all over in a matter of seconds. Out of pure instinct, I grabbed my dog by the neck to control her and when the other dog clamped onto my dog's leg, I started kicking. I think this surprised the other dog enough that it retreated back into its yard. It could have been a lot worse - the other dog might have locked on me instead, for instance. Anyway the owners were pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, which is what I found the most alarming of all. Their question was "is there blood all over the sidewalk? no! so what's your problem?" Personally, "blood everywhere" is not a barometer I would use to decide whether or not a situation is problematic. Anyway I'm just worried - my dog is used to being walked each and every day two or three times, and I don't want to diminish her quality of life by taking that away from her, but at the same time it feels like I'm taking her and my life in my hands by walking around the neighbourhood. Don't know what to do about it, I don't want to be an annoying new neighbour who lectures everyone, but I do want to be able to be safe. I have nothing against rottweilers or pit bulls, when they're well trained and exercised, but there seems to be a tendency in the neighbourhood to keep these dogs in the backyard and let them scare the bejeebers out of anyone who passes nearby.

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