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By Jay Robb (anonymous) | Posted September 30, 2013 at 12:26:29

While there's only 18,000 cars a day on Longwood, suspect that most are all arriving around the same time weekday mornings.

I've driven down Longwood for the past 8 years during my morning commute up the Mountain. Always grateful I'm not going the other way on Longwood.

Huge traffic volume in the morning (8-9 am), with folks coming off the Linc / Ancaster / Brantford and heading to McMaster and the McMaster University Medical Centre (2 of Hamilton's biggest employers). Traffic with 2 lanes can back up on the ramp and spill onto the 403.

Not sure what other route these folks could take to get to work and class.

When Longwood gets to the Chedoke Express overpass, could there be 2 lanes heading to Mac / MUMC, one lane heading to the 403, with the remaining 4th lane next to the sidewalk dedicated for bikes? Don't need a turning lane in the middle of the bridge.

Millions for a 2nd bike / pedestrian bridge would likely be a nonstarter with taxpayers.

And a 2-lane Longwood would likely get a rough ride from morning commuters.

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