Comment 92798

By Simon (registered) - website | Posted September 30, 2013 at 16:20:10 in reply to Comment 92791

Planning a 5 lane road for existing rush hour volume plus future growth, and then planning to add in a pedestrian / cyclist bridge in the future sound's perfectly reasonable from a traffic engineering perspective.

Or you know - you could just plan for the opposite.

Build a two lane arterial roadway that you know would be at the limit of it's capacity, plus dedicated pedestrian bike lanes now - THEN if actual traffic demand warrants it say in 5 years - take the bike lanes out and build the pedestrian / bike bridge IF it is actually warranted.

Its not like there aren't better alternate routes to/from MAC - the grossly underutilized Claremont and all twenty one-way lanes of main street come to mind.

How much could it possibly cost to install / remove a couple bike lanes over that short stretch?

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