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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 01, 2013 at 16:20:11 in reply to Comment 92831

The compromise is providing space on the road for BOTH cyclists and motorists.

Asking cyclists to push their bikes for over 200m along a narrow sidewalk shared with pedestrians (and cross the road twice for those travelling southbound because there is no sidewalk in the west side of the bridge) is not a compromise.

In terms of time, this would add between two and four minutes (depending on the wait time for the lights) to the cyclists time to just to cross the bridge, at all times of day. And remember that Hamilton's official policy is supposed to be to encourage cycling (and walking), not to discourage it.

"Transportation Master Plan (2007) reflects the nodes and corridors framework and relies on aggressive transit improvements and an urban fabric with a high degree of connectivity. The Transportation Master Plan shifted the transportation hierarchy to focus on pedestrians first, followed by cyclists, transit, goods movement and general purpose traffic"

In other words, it is official Hamilton policy to put the convenience of cyclists ahead of general purpose traffic, which is in fact supposed to be lowest in the transportation hierarchy.

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