Comment 92844

By where's your tongue? (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2013 at 08:28:09 in reply to Comment 92833

I see what you did there - cute jab. However the difference between muscle powered commuters and drivers is that drivers have lots of alternates that cost them close to zero energy to take. For instance, one could exit main East and loop around dundurn and get to mac in the same amount of time.

Oh wait, our dumbass one way system makes that seem ludicrous. Simple solution: main and king should be two way with traffic lights at the 403 ramps. Then there would be LOTS of alternate routes and no manufactured bottlenecks.

Oh wait, we just wasted millions of dollars redoing those bridges and nobody had the common sense to fix the 1-way ramp-merge lunacy.

Our leadurz: hard at work!

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