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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2013 at 15:13:57

I remeber Keanin when he was involved with the Hamilton Civic League. Just remember that the Chamber represents business, not the entire community, which includes many other voices in the mix.

It is hard to make everyone happy, however in my experiences, too many people are unhappy with the world we live in.

Some people are too fearful to even think about real change, they cannot wrap their heads around complex issues.

So I attended the Council of Canadians meeting held at the spec, in whcih Steve Bruist talked about his story Code Red. Lots of graphs were clearly showed the same picture, the old city of hamilton is suffering, One interesting piece of info showed that teen mothers in Hamilton is heger then some other communities such as Burlington or even Oakvill, however abortion rates were very high in areas like burlington and Oakville. Even abortion was illegal, teen mothers in those areas would be considerably higher then those reported in hamilton in Code Red. Number, figures can always be twisted, revamped, to target an audience, that audience you are trying to get to pay attention, but when one really looks at numbers, there is a real story that may not being told.

Thanks for your thoughts Ryan

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