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By DBC (registered) | Posted October 03, 2013 at 09:29:07 in reply to Comment 92888

Bang on! We are the only city in Southern Ontario (acutally probably anywhere) where one gets off the highway "to make time".

Probably explains why we are also the only city in Southern Ontario that has exits from a 400 Series highway that enter into LIVE traffic!

If the cost of unchecked urban sprawl is sitting in congested highway traffic; then that's the cost. If development fees don't cover the cost of new roads - oh well, that's that. Live with the choices that you have made and don't expect other people who made different choices - yes, that's right, many people actually choose not to embrace the "suburban dream" lifestyle - to subsidize the ones you have made through higher taxes and a compromised quality of life.

Start charging the true cost of sprawl and if these one way streets are so great - let's roll them out across the entire city. I for one am tired of having to stop for red lights on Fennell and Mohawk........and the congestion on Upper James and Golflinks - intolerable.

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