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By LOL all over again (anonymous) | Posted October 07, 2013 at 20:09:49

Wow pretty out there even for you. Looks like you went to the slap bar too many times. If Hamilton were the only city to go through the devastation of the core I would the first to demand one way streets be abolished BUT that is not the case. Hundreds of cities across North America went through the exact same thing at exactly the same time. Nothing to do with one way streets. Now a few decades later things are changing, slowly. Not just here but in every other city across North America. We have changed a few streets back to two way and some like James have done well others not far away some like John have seen pretty much no change. The fact that James has always been a commercial centre has had more to do with the change than the direction of traffic.

We have an efficient safe road network and you want to change that. To create traffic problems so that LRT can finally make sense. Then a billion dollars later you'll have that train you've always wanted.

We don't need to change the direction of the traffic and we certainly don't need to spend a billion on a train.

Me thinks that you've gone to that strange little nightclub one time to many.

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