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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted October 08, 2013 at 10:13:52 in reply to Comment 92975

I try to consider Capitalist more the a self-blinkered troll, I really do. I try. I'm going to try once more and respond to a few of his points assuming 1) that he really believes what he says, 2) that he is open to argument and demonstration of opinion-altering facts, and 3) that he is not alone in his misconceptions.

So ...

In any event, even if these numbers are correct that doesn't mean that ""Traffic volumes on lower city streets are low.." or that we should invest in bike lanes or safer, wider sidewalks. Just what is so unsafe about the sidewalks we have now? And I say that as an avid walker of streets in Hamilton.

Safety aside, wider sidewalks make walking easier and more appealing. Many city sidewalks don't even allow two people walking abreast to stay abreast and pass a third person walking in the other direction. Walking down the sidewalk is a constant process of dodge-and-weave, even when it's not particularly busy. Not to mention that one is doing that dodging and weaving next to rushing traffic on Main and King; not appealing.

However, we don't need bike lanes. People don't use them. There have been bike lanes on West 5th between Mohawk and Limeridge for years and I have never seen anybody use them (I live in the area). Nor have I seen people use the bike lanes they put in near the Meadowlands in Ancaster.

I've spent time biking in NYC, Montreal and Boston recently: where there are broad, safe-feeling lanes which either through or to places people need to go, bike lanes appear to be used. Perhaps what you mean to say is "people don't use token, skinny bike lanes in the middle of high-capacity roads running past high-way on ramps."

People bike largely for pleasure and they can do that in parks or sidewalks or they can ride on the roads in that lanes that we currently have (it should be safer since volumes are down so much according to your numbers, wouldn't it?)

In my part of town, most cyclists are clearly biking to and from McMaster and downtown for school, work or shopping.

Canada is a cold climate and we live in a city with an escarpment where people are constantly going up and down. This makes biking an unattractive option in Hamilton specifically. But for some reason that doesn't stop you from lobbying for the use of taxpayer dollars to build bike lines that will not be used and will be a waste of money.

How do you explain Montreal? Much harsher winters than Hamilton and built on the side of a mountain. In Hamilton, I rarely go up the escarpment for any reason, not on my bike nor in my truck: I live and bike on the relatively flat lower city, as do many people I know. To pretend that we are so goddam special that we can't possibly bike here must take a act will.

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