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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted October 09, 2013 at 10:27:06 in reply to Comment 93058

Thanks for the info!

My mom actually used to teach at Central and that is the exact model some are proposing for Armstrong.

Armstrong would be a perfect candidate for the same arrangement as Central and remarkably similar - a gorgeous historic building in an established commercial district - rent out the top floor as office space and solve an income and enrollment problem in one shot.

Of course that would mean that the board would have to spend some money on Armstrong, and there is a strong suspicion that the board is planning on closing Armstrong in 5 years or so anyway once they get funding for a new central mountain school at the Cardinal Heights property.

But it would be a fabulous opportunity for the board to actually take a progressive, popular approach to something and would go a long way to repairing the reputation that they have worked so hard to destroy recently.

Fun fact that I learned about Armstrong at the meeting last night - Armstrong was past full capacity and had an addition built in the 80's. That was not that long ago - they had people who were just as smart using the same population models as the board is using now - but their long term enrollment predictions were obviously out to lunch then - so how can anyone have any faith in the boards enrollment projections now?

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