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By DiIanni (registered) | Posted October 14, 2013 at 11:18:54

With all due respect to all concerned. I interviewed Pastor Don on my Cable show Hamilton Talks and he invited in to film some of the collapsing walls. I was shocked at the disrepair. The Pastor also gave me a history on what had been done by the congregation to keep the building together. When I interviewed Don the building hadn't been sold yet, but a sale was pending. It would be great if the building could be saved in its entirety. It is an iconic Hamilton landmark. However, if there are legitimate engineering reports outlining the damage, and if it is beyond repair, then it should be allowed to be redeveloped, saving as much of the building as possible.

And with regards to my friend Graham's point about the Lister. No one ever said the building was about to collapse. All reports I saw was that the structure was sound, but the cost for a private developer was prohibitive. That is why the city and the province stepped up.

Do the right thing for the downtown and let's not discourage private investment.

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