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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted October 23, 2013 at 15:16:35 in reply to Comment 93560

Nice, but overcomplicated compared to the more conventional solution: 2-way Bay Street. Just give me a 2-way Bay Street and a curb ramp just North of the Bay St Federal Building. Declare the path there a multi-use path and put up a little signage about cyclists. Done. You can now get from York to Napier legally.

Of course, that's only a small part of the problems. You still have the plethora of stop-signs along Napier, you've got to get across Queen, and the fact that the Victoria Park multi-use path leads to Head instead of Lamoreaux (where there's a traffic signal so you could actually reasonably cross)... but now it's too late to re-route that multi-use path because Victoria Park got its big planned renovation with the Butterfly Garden and everything. And even then, it would only solve the problem for a westbound cyclist.

Here's my nightmarishly-expensive to-do list for a functional bike-route incorporating Napier (starting from West to East).

1) Continue the King Street barrier-separated bike lane all the way to Dundurn. No more getting kicked off onto Breadalbane. Of course, this means the bidirectional bike lane could cause trouble with the Esso driveways. Study that.

2) Add a second Dundurn traffic-light at Baker (a crossing at the south side), synchronized with the Lamoreaux light (so they're functionally one single big traffic light instead of two), available for cyclists to get from Baker to Lamoreaux, or from Lamoreaux to Baker/Dundurn Southbound.

3) Piss off every single gardener and horticultural enthusiast in Strathcona by paving a multi-use bike path through the butterfly garden at Victoria Park that connects Lamoreaux to Napier (much like the one that presently connects Head to Napier, except this one is useful because it ends at a place you can actually cross).

4) Traffic-light at Queen and Napier

5) Stop-signs facing the north/south streets at Napier instead of facing Napier. No all-ways, Napier gets priority.

6) Finally, two-way Bay Street and the multi-use (bike) path connecting Bay to Napier.

Then, Napier is a greenway.

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