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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted October 29, 2013 at 17:02:25

I have noticed above there is discussion about partnering with the city to create community hubs/rec centres.

I know the city recently turned down such a partnership offer for a number of reasons, but I was wondering if any people can contribute to a discussion of how past partnerships have worked out?

I seem to recall a mountain high school where the city helped pay for something...a new gym or theatre perhaps...and the school board has now decided to close the school, leaving the city with a lost investment?

I also seem to recall some kind of mixed use school/rec centre which, when I read about it a year or so after it opened, was barely being used as a rec centre because construction had not properly segregated the school portion from the rec centre portion, meaning rooms that were intended to be available to community groups to rent were not available outside of school that correct?

From those two examples, I can imagine why the city was wary of entering into another partnership. Are there other examples, or better yet, any positive examples of a partnership between the school board and the city?

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