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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted November 01, 2013 at 00:33:30

I'll be the first to agree that blind corner is a hazard to people who are crossing around the area of the rail trail slightly further down and that this strip should be a 30km zone with yield to pedestrian signage, and not the off the Sherman 50kph but never a cop there to enforce it, so it's really 65kph.

However, this occurred as she was crossing on Charlton where she would have been visible, to the dirt path by the stair, not further down at the rail trail near Wentworth, where the corner blinds both pedestrian and driver to the other's presence, where there should be a signalized pedestrian crossing. The guy was also three times over the limit. This particular accident wasn't caused by the road's poor design. It's only about 10 meters short of that, which will be the ridiculous argument to do nothing here. I for one hope this argument gains zero traction.

As I said, this road is incredibly poorly designed and this is a clear place where a signalized, pedestrian crossing should be, instead of the stop signs and unpainted ramps on both ends of the trail. Frankly, it would be even better if the bike path tunneled under the roadway entirely and kept both types of traffic apart from each other, but the city would (rightly) say that's far too costly.

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