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By MaryBowness (registered) | Posted November 01, 2013 at 14:25:49

Ottawa Street is a great example of a Complete Street... I walk or drive it almost daily. It's got traffic and parking and safe cycling, pedestrians, trees, shops, and public transit. I couldn't agree more about the no-left turn traffic laws... they simply don't make sense. During the last Ottawa Street event on September 28, The Head Shop actually moved their wares into the parking space in front of the store and it make absolute sense. One of the very best features is the (voluntary) reduced speed drivers tend to use... usually it's between 40 and 45k between King and Barton, which is, I believe a benefit of the street's "complete-ness" as drivers take in all that's happening around them and concentrate on driving... as it should be, I think.

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