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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted November 11, 2013 at 14:42:18

This is awesome, and more people need to grab a spine and follow your lead.

Anybody who has ever said "change is scary" is a total idiot, a graduate of the Peter principle who's way in over their head. Change for the sake of change, or some top-down agenda insulated from the people it affects most, is what's really scary.

Walkable community schools are in my opinion the single most positive force for community building, pride in your city, and healthy, happy, responsible living. The benefits go way beyond school aged families and include everyone. Slower, safer traffic, more community business activity, more general civic engagement and ownership

The forces that oppose this, including private and Catholic schools as well as urban sprawl and demographic shifts, oppose community health.

Let me make that clear: while sending your child to a religious or private school may benefit you or your child, the net effect on your community of that choice is negative, because it means far fewer walkable schools and less civic engagement in all spheres of city life.

Turn your efforts away from the false and self-defeating elitism of private and religious schools, and turn your efforts and tax dollars into making a functional public school system.

Like John-Paul is trying to do.

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