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By Michelle Chin (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2013 at 21:34:24

I am really happy that you have such a good handle on the ARC process and the Board than we did for the Secondary West ARC back in 2011, we mobilized in the 11th hour just before the decision came down. Not that it would have turned out differently. We were even told during our appeal that the decision would not be reversed, we could only make the process better for future ARCs...

As mild-mannered law-abiding parents, we tried desperately to work within the Board's parameters, to no avail. Last year we went to our city councillor for answers and have his support for our made-in-Dundas solution. The city does have some power in holding up the building permits and traffic studies and not playing ball in these partnerships the Board is seeking (aka they want someone else to fork out the dough).

I really feel that we need big media coverage by staging a city wide town hall with reps from both elementary and secondary schools from the North, South and West. Something that will get to the Minister to prorogue the Trustees and put all of these insane decisions on hold.

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