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By Keith (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2013 at 19:54:21

The context for this has changed now that I read this article on The Spec. I think this changes my perspective on the situation:

"What's incontestable, however, is Hamilton was shafted by the Liberal government of the day, which wrongly imposed an environmental assessment on the parkway, adding some $36 million to the $225-million project.

A judicial review and appeal have ruled the assessment should not have been applied. Council wants the feds to acknowledge that with some form of compensation, preferably hard cash."

And the city has success before too:
"As Collins has previously pointed out, Hamilton has successfully put the legal screws to the feds before.

When the old city took the Harbour Commissioners to court for failing to channel proper profits into the city's coffers, Ottawa coughed up $6.2 million via an out-of-court settlement, recompense which became seed money for the Waterfront Trust."

via The Spec (

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