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By movedtohamilton (registered) | Posted November 27, 2013 at 22:21:26

On a good day I'm of average intelligence. So no, I did not slough it off. Rather, I read the article and was struck by how poorly the public interest of Hamilton has been served. As I wrote in my initial post, the lawsuit is a "fustercluck" to be added to the list. There seems to be so little oversight by the appropriate parties. Just one example of when the "client" is not being attentive:

"The judge's decision was very damning: "Counsel for the City has acted as if it had a client with inexhaustible resources to finance endless experimental litigation and that it could conduct litigation against the federal government with impunity."

What opinion on success/failure was provided to Council by The City of Hamilton Legal Services Division prior to the commencement of legal action in 2004? Did Council give more weight to a pitch by outside counsel than their own in-house counsel?

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