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By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted December 04, 2013 at 10:22:37 in reply to Comment 95494

2 Councillors attended. Jason Farr and Brian McHattie - two wonderful, progressive and intelligent men, but NOT the people that needed to hear this message.

What we're going to do is take Keesmaat's 7 principles of great city building and send them to every Councillor. We're going to ask them if they agree or disagree with the principles, and if they agree with them, what they're going to do to make those principles come to life in Hamilton. If they disagree, we need to ask what THEIR principles of City building are, and what evidence they can offer to support their decision.

We, as a city, need to move past the politics of "no". We need to stop having discussions that centre around what won't work, what can't happen here because it's too costly, and start asking what they are saying "yes" to. Because if they're saying "no" to new proposals, they're implicitly saying "yes" to the status quo, and so we need to get them to think about what that's going to mean in 5, 10 and 15 years for our city.

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