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By slodrive (registered) | Posted December 04, 2013 at 17:32:48 in reply to Comment 95517

We need more creative industry investment. And, slowly, I think its happening. But, I'm writing this from my desk here at the largest Ad Agency in our Burlington. A city 1/3 the size - with the only real benefit of being slightly closer to Toronto.

What happens here is we recruit students -- often from Mac and Mohawk-- they do their placement, then if they manage to get hired, look for a place to live. Often that's here in Burlington. Proximity to the office is important...despite a stunning lack of public transportation and, thus, car reliance. (Some, it should be noted, prefer to live Hamilton and commute on the highway.)

Downtown Hamilton could have, and, can, moving forward, be made more comfortable for these businesses -- who thrive on the 25-40 folk. Generally (and, I have to use my Toronto experience in my industry as reference -- due Burlington hindrances mentioned above), these people want the lively, urban environment with the retail, entertainment options and other amenities that go with it.

Ideally, that means easily accessible on foot and/or reliable, clean and safe transit. It means making things like the Gore Park promenade the rule, rather than the exception. Those are the small things that start to make downtown a more friendly environment that businesses can showcase as recruitment tool. That leads to greater investment, more jobs, and a greater retention of those graduating from Mohawk and Mac.

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