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By you don't get it (anonymous) | Posted December 08, 2013 at 10:01:44 in reply to Comment 95519

Have you had a relative who's a senior in this situation?

I have. They get comfortable. They don't want the change. My grandparents lived in Ancaster, in their home, for a long time before downsizing to a condo-sized place in Dundas. They just aren't interested in living downtown - they live where they are comfortable, where they grew up, and where they know the stores, the people, and their families. My grandparents were from Westdale, moved to Ancaster, and are now in Dundas. They are not interested in moving downtown where only I live, the rest of my family is in Dundas, Ancaster, and Burlington.

Also, where are the big retirement homes in the core that are built in the last 5-10 years? The only one I know of is the converted hotel by Copps. Atrium Villa is farther east, but I have no clue to it's age. Build a large, condo style with attached community centre and maybe it'll attact seniors who can a) afford it, b) want to live in the area and c) have it close to amenities, and they will come.

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