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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2013 at 17:22:24 in reply to Comment 95774

Note sure what "properly planning for the future" means exactly, since different people have different interpretations of proper. But on whole, I don't think Hamilton has a problem spending time planning.

We have plans up the wazoo (that's a fancy technical anatomical term) for everything from bike lanes, two way street conversions, downtown master plans, pedestrian mobility plans, vision 2020, setting sail, etc. etc.

The problem in Hamilton is implementation. Even when we have a really good plan (for example, the plan to convert our one way streets into two way streets) it takes the better part of a decade to convert only a handful of the recommended streets (John, James...York?) and in some cases the end result is implemented in a questionable manner (York, while two way, prohibits turning onto York westbound from most intersections).

So, while I might agree with you that Hamilton needs to spend more time "properly planning" for the future, I think that generally Hamilton does not need to spend more time "planning" but rather needs to spend more time "implementing".

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