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By Dm (anonymous) | Posted December 21, 2013 at 21:45:04 in reply to Comment 96261

Close some streets to cars:
I neither agree not disagree, just pointing out it has been said.

5 lane is a pretty general term thrown around. There is parking on either side of main during non rush hour and following a bus or being behind a stopped delivery vehicle might as well eliminate a lane. 3 lanes 20 hours of the day.

I take what Home Depot says and read it more like both sides of the debate are on two extreme spectrums of the debate. I believe a lot more would be accomplished with a phased in approach. The photoshopped picture above minus two way streets would be a lot easier for the other side of the spectrum to digest and allow for two way conversions in the future. Lower the speed limit, create a bike lane, keep sync'd lights and continue to improve our streets. Unfortunately many on the other spectrum of the debate don't see a way one street as complete though it can be.

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