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By jason (registered) | Posted December 22, 2013 at 00:40:08 in reply to Comment 96270

so that's the article Home Depot was referring to? From several years ago, suggesting that the south leg of the Gore be pedestrianized, and an idea floated to have a few blocks of King William and Hughson car-free on weekends??

Yea, it sure sounds like the "get rid of ALL cars extremism" got the best of me that day. Lol

Main only has parking on it's south curb for a few short blocks west of Sherman. Nowhere from McMaster to Sherman is parking allowed on the south curb lane. So, for 20 hours a day, Main is 5-lanes. By the time one hits Wellington, traffic is down to 20,000 cars per day. That's slightly less than the Queen St hill carries with it's 1-lane each way.

As for your phased in suggestion above, I see merit to that, but still don't understand the issue with going two-way. Almost all of the opponents to two-way streets live in other parts of the city with NO one-ways. What exactly is the phase-in for? Most streets in the city are two-way. They know how to navigate them.

It's gotten so bad now that complete streets opponents simply have no data or good reason to oppose complete streets so they pull out boogeymen like "extremists" or "anti-car" stuff.

Let's get on with rebuilding our once-proud city already instead of embarrassing ourselves with these 1950's relics roaring through our neighbourhoods.

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