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By Self employment (anonymous) | Posted December 23, 2013 at 14:41:19

Hi Ben,

Most importantly it's good that your wife and kids were okay.

This is a bit of a heartbreaking story because we need to retain as many smart and talented people as we can. I did the commute for about 5 years until I was able to find a local job (a rare thing it seems). My wife could not find a suitable job here so she started her own business. Hamilton is inexpensive enough that we were able to take a chance on self employment and it seems to be paying off. Like you, we don't need our car anymore and I'm pleased with how much I can do by bicycle in Hamilton.

Ideally, we'll see more and more people start their own businesses here and we can reduce the number of good people we lose to Toronto.

Thanks for a good article.

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