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By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted December 27, 2013 at 12:54:04 in reply to Comment 96367

All the operational details of the project are out of the hands of Council now - they're resting with some very capable, confident and enthusiastic staff and with the management of Social Bicycles, who will be figuring out how the operating model will look. So to answer your questions, no, they won't be ordering fewer stations nor fewer bikes. The deal is signed and those conversations are happening without council involvement now.

I should clarify on some things - yes, council did cut the funding allocated to dedicated new cycling projects in 2014 to 200,000 from 300,000, but they did not cut the funding for cycling infrastructure retrofits in the public works budget, nor did they cut the funding going to the Cannon Street Cycle Track (which will be coming form the area capital reserves). There's still most of the bike lane budget from 2013 sitting in reserve because the major capital project for 2013 - the Hunter Street Lane - didn't get built this year. The reduction in the budget, while it's not something I'm for, is something I understand. There's very limited staff resources on the cycling file, and they wouldn't be able to spend that money even if it were made available to them. I've been using this as an opportunity to highlight the fact that we need more staffing resources on the active transportation file, and I suggest that other advocates do the same.

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