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By LOL@LOL (anonymous) | Posted January 09, 2014 at 09:40:28 in reply to Comment 96546

It's unaffordable for the city not for the people who drive, as seancb keeps pointing out. People can 'afford' to drive because they don't pay the total cost of driving, that's paid by property tax which everyone pays whether they drive or not -- but we've got an infrastructure maintenance deficit that's growing by $100 million a year because the city isn't collecting enough property tax to pay for our roads. And it gets worse, because the more people drive, the faster our roads wear out and need to be repaired, and the more expensive they are to maintain.

So when you get more people walking, cycling and taking transit instead of driving, that makes it cheaper for the city to maintain its roads because there's less wear and tear. Also when you remove driving lanes by turning them into bike lanes or wider sidewalks that reduces their maintenance costs even more.

But if you keep your head in the sand about how much your chosen way of life is subsidized by taxpayers, you'll keep having a hard time understanding this basic fact.

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