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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted January 09, 2014 at 11:16:11 in reply to Comment 96544

You should read up about the debate in Waterloo Region about what to do on the King Street corridor there. You might find it interesting. There was a debate, which means that some people favoured other solutions than Light Rail, but it is not as simple as you suggest when you say “even in K-W there is now a growing LRT movement.” It’s not growing, and most people who were on the other side of debate at the time (which included me: I would have personally preferred express buses in their own rights-of-way) are now dedicating their energy to making sure the Ion is implemented in the best possible way. The debate over technology is over.

I personally feel that trying to characterize the conversation about the B Line corridor as “LRT versus anti-LRT” is what anti-transit types want. There are positives and negatives to light rail generally (note that the municipal government has already spent a lot of time and money researching light rail, though…), but SOME kind of improvement is desperately needed in that corridor. Buses that run there routinely operate at crush loads during peak periods and even outside of peak periods, and routinely have to leave passengers at stops for lack of space.

All this to say that I choose to interpret your comment as being that you are hesitant about light rail due to the cost, but would like to see real incremental change to transit on the corridor as soon as possible. Let me know if I’ve mischaracterized anything…

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