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By jason (registered) | Posted January 09, 2014 at 19:10:43 in reply to Comment 96564

Ancaster and the other suburban areas are paying more taxes NOT to cover services downtown, but to slowly bring them up to an even taxation level with old Hamilton. Old homes in central Hamilton used to pay 50% more property taxes than Ancaster or Waterdown. Yes, the poor inner city has been subsidizing cul-de-sacs, freeways and never-ending roads to more big box stores since the horrible regional government structure in the 1970s. Thankfully that subsidy is now down to around 15-20% as the outer areas slowly are phased-in to the same tax rates as the old city. I don't know the exact timelines, but in the next few years, urbanized areas in the entire city will pay the same tax rate. You won't get facts like this from the Free Flamborough honks. Free Flamborough should really be called 'Free-Ride Flamborough'.
If a TRUE and clear de-amalgamation were to ever take place, the outer suburbs would start to go bankrupt so fast it would make your head spin.

People who like to muddle the facts always say "lets go back to the Regional Government system" when they talk about de-amalgamation. No no no. A true de-amalgamation would be horrendous for the suburbs. Of course they all want the old regional system where inner city taxpayers are paying 50% more for the identical services as urban Ancaster or Stoney Creek. Who wouldn't want a free ride?

The mayor should (but won't) come out and clearly lay out the numbers for a true de-amalgamation.
There's a reason you haven't heard a peep about this issue from any of the suburban councillors the past 4 years - they know the numbers.

EDIT: I remember a great moment at an election campaign debate before Bob Wade won the mayors seat. He was asked by someone if he would refute the stat that old, urban Hamilton tax dollars paid 80-85% of the costs to develop the Meadowlands area. He said that stat was accurate based on his knowledge. That was over a decade ago....surely someone has the ability to hold a press conference once and for all and share the actual stats and facts with the Hamilton public?? Or we can just keep allowing folks to play political games for their own benefit.

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