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By AP (registered) | Posted January 14, 2014 at 09:47:28

I've lived on either side of Queen South for the last 5+ years. The one way thoroughfare makes it very uncomfortable for pedestrians (feels like you might lose an elbow to passing cars if you walk two abreast or get run over by left-turning and right-looking drivers coming off side streets) which most often makes it a ghost town, despite being in the heart of a very walkable neighbourhood. Would love to see it undergo a complete street makeover. And agreed: The highway on-ramp style turns are great for getting you around the corner quickly, but do little in the way of ensuring safety for other road users (as a driver, you are moving fast and looking behind you to merge). There's a reason the design works on highways - there's no other road users there...which, given its overall design and resultant people-less reality, explains why it currently seems appropriate on Queen. I don't think the street was designed to deter all but car traffic, but it's certainly a nasty byproduct of not being considered very thoughtfully. Full-disclosure: I drive, bike and walk on Queen.

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