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By JayRobb (registered) | Posted January 17, 2014 at 15:44:21 in reply to Comment 96909

Take the $7 million planned for a new children's museum in Gage Park and put it towards renovating 45 King.

Leverage city money to secure additional public and private sector funding.

Like pretty much every other community, make the children's museum a nonprofit so it has charitable status and an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to programming, events and marketing. No reason why the city should be running it.

Moving the museum downtown:

Puts it within walking distance of hotels and restaurants for out of town families.

Puts it on transit lines for residents and close to parking garages and lots

Puts in the backyard of all the Baby Boomers who'll be in downtown condos and looking for ways to entertain their grandkids.

Puts it close to other downtown assets for young families, like the AGO, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Hamilton Bulldogs, Art Crawls and Supercrawl.

Serves as a catalyst for Gore Park revitalization (summer outdoor programming across the street)

Gives that stretch of King St. an ideal anchor tenant

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