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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 04, 2014 at 14:43:54

Just want to share a minor and momentary incident this morning, but very much on topic.

Biking up Dundurn this morning, a woman with a cane was walking in the right lane ahead of me, and looked like she was going to step out in front of me. But it didn't look like she was crossing - she was only a step from the crosswalk, but standing in the lane looking confused.

The color of her cane, plus what looked to me like a confused expression, prompted me to stop. For a second it looked like a blind person had wandered into the roadway, so my reflexes reacted as such.

So, being on a bicycle, I was able to stop on a dime and ask if she was alright and if she was aware she was walking in the roadway; would have been trivial to assist and get her back on the sidewalk. She responded and everything was fine, so there was nothing left to do but carry on.

During this 10 seconds of a simple, inconsequential act of making sure a vulnerable pedestrian wasn't disoriented in traffic, the car behind me decided to ... guess what? Lay on the horn!

Yes folks, the neanderthal in the chariot behind me, did the only thing those primitives know how to do, when faced with an unexpected situation on the road. Get angry and honk that humans have unexpected issues sometimes and a 'safety stop' is required from a driver as a courtesy. I wish I had a photo of the vehicle to post here for public shaming.

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