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By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted February 07, 2014 at 22:56:34 in reply to Comment 97454

Tell me, Capitalist, what's your solution to the question of moving people around our city now and into the future? How do you propose that we bring another 200,000 people into Hamilton and move them around effectively, as we are expected to do under the Places to grow Act? How do you propose that we reign in the costs of sprawl, and stem the tide of increasingly expensive outward expansion of our city? Are you willing to pay the taxes to continue to extend road, sewer, utility and civic services to the far-flung areas of our community that will continue to be the primary nodes of growth if automobile transportation remains the easiest way to get around? Because what I hear from people of your ilk is a lot about what you're NOT willing to spend money on, but nothing about what the solutions are. The status quo is costing us, as a region, BILLIONS a year. And last I checked, unless you want to start getting rid of pesky things like sidewalks and buildings downtown, you're not going to be building any more lane capacity anywhere. Stop stamping your foot and telling us what you're not willing to pay for and start proposing some FUCKING SOLUTIONS. Until then, STFU.

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