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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted February 09, 2014 at 16:51:56 in reply to Comment 97504

IWS won because of seating, and the seating was based on the possibility of salvaging half the stadium for a refurb, allowing more money to be spent on the other stands and thus getting more stadium for our dollar.

Somehow, the budgetary limits that restricted the unacceptable West Harbour stadium to only 15,000 seats went out the window by pure magic when IO announced they could not save half the IW stands. Nobody has ever explained why Tim HOrton's field is getting an acceptable 22,000 seats instead of the 15,000 that were planned at West Harbor.

It has none of the assets that Bob Young demanded other than more seating, and the origin of the extra 7000 seats for this new location has never been explained. It has less highway visibility than the West Harbour, less parking, a worse view... by every possible metric it fails. Except for seating... and the seating difference is unexplained.

Now, I sometimes wonder if there wasn't more that could have been done to placate mr. Young about the West harbour - more promises about parking revenue at Bayfront Park, road construction, whatever. But either way, the fact that the "compromise" is no closer to his needs than the original plan other than the extra seats smells fishy.

Personally, I think Bob Young has given up on Hamilton after this affair. He'll take our gratis stadium and stay in the business for as long as the new-stadium-smell keeps the Cats profitable, but once the paint starts to peel and the old numbers start coming back? He'll be looking to get out of the football business.

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