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By DissenterOfThings (registered) | Posted February 10, 2014 at 10:10:46

I have a problem with this. I agree on the points of leadership in Hamilton being a lame duck. Bratina is a coaster and so are many of the people on council. They found a cushy role in government and don’t want to actually do anything. Bratina’s feet dragging and interference regarding the LRT is particularly aggravating. He is every bit the snooze inducing AM radio personality he has always been and he needs to go.

The problem I have is the Richard Florida-esque obsession you have going on with “creative industries”, “innovation” and technology. None of these things are going to bring Hamilton out of its slump. As a sector, “creative” and technology is heavily in a bubble phase with many startups launching and producing questionably valuable “products”. Very little actual innovation is happening any more. Just have a look at the latest offerings from Apple or observe the fact that the once great innovator Google has essentially become a marketing/advertising company and you start to get a picture of a sector that is highly over-valued. Like the real estate industry in Toronto (or Vancouver, Calgary, etc.) a correction is coming to the tech sector - Hamilton would do well not to place all it’s eggs in one basket and be cautious.

My other issue is that the tech sector does not employ people on the same scale as the manufacturing sector. It never will. You cannot put back to work the same number of people that automotive and steel have been employing for generations - not unless the tech sector does an about face and starts building its hardware in North America again. Apple has made some strides in this direction, but for the most part this is still the domain of China, India, etc. Of course, this magical scenario also depends on the fact that people in general are going to be demanding technical devices at the same rate that they have been. Considering the lack of innovation, I just don’t see it.

Hamilton should focus on making itself a more liveable, sustainable city and supporting a diversity of employment sectors.

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