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By Keith (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2014 at 16:58:01 in reply to Comment 97511

The funding Metrolinx has provided to Hamilton includes:

Fall 2009- $17 Million
- the purchase of new hybrid-electric buses for A & B Line corridors. I believe all this went to purchasing the articulated buses the HSR currently operates.

2012- $13 Million
- $4.3 million for the Mohawk College multi-modal terminal
- $4.5 million for the MTC Park-N-Ride
- $1.4 million for the upcoming A&B Line amenities
- $ 1.6 million for the Bike Share
- $565,000 for the passenger information screens at MacNab terminal
- $300,000 for the King Street bus lane

- $3.0 million for the James Street North GO Station
+ the ongoing plans for Centennial GO Station and expansion of service into Niagara

Except for the last projects, that's $30 million of support for expansion of the BLine and the creation of the ALine. I'd call that support for local commuters.

While I do want to see LRT move forward, there are significant improvements that could be made to the existing system to make it better for commuters. While Rapid Ready is good, the improvements in the 2009/2010 operational review would make significant strides towards reducing complexity in the system, reallocating resources to where they have the largest ROI, and making the system operate better. Grand River Transit has been making significant progress on developing a transit culture, and has managed to double ridership since 2001. While 50% of that is due to student usage, the rationalization of routes, the relationship with uWaterloo's Civil Engineering and Urban Planning departments to support research about changes they're making and the introduction of limited-stop routes has managed to grow ridership across all areas of the population spectrum.

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