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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 12, 2014 at 14:07:44

The City is planning a pilot project to introduce "Courtesy Crossings", or uncontrolled crosswalks, in various locations.

See, even the low hanging fruit that could cheaply and quickly make a huge difference, is a cowardly and limited "pilot project". We don't get anything done. Just talk about things but never do them.

However, Stonechurch is one of the most tamed streets on the mountain. It is hard to imagine how this happened. One usual challenge of these stories is lack of detail. Commenters on this story don't actually know what happened. Did she slip and fall in front of the bus, did she step out abruptly and actually cause it, did the bus driver fail to show courtesy and safety as bus drivers are sometimes bullies too - the police and those involved will work that out, but we don't always find out.

How do we make it MORE painful for the city to do nothing rather than be proactive? And I'm not talking about outlawing walking, which in this idiocracy would probably be higher on the list of considerations than actual courtesy crossings.

How do we get some of these insulting pilot projects turned into sweeping reforms? I say this cautiously, with a spirit of wanting to push some actual action - in my opinion the city needs to be SUED HARD if a pedestrian is hit farther than ?m from a crossing. If they pay a quarter million a year for sidewalk slips and falls, they can roll out 25 courtesy crossings for the cost of ONE traffic light. I only frame a solution that way because in the absence of incentives, people and organizations tend to procrastinate.

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