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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 18, 2014 at 13:26:30

How do we ignore these stories? How do we ignore something that regardless of the visions of some, we know there are examples of how well environments like Parkview and Mountain work?

How do we ignore requests like this. "- Our own school – not shared" ?

How do you read a valedictory address such as this, and tell the community we will be okay without these supports?

How can there exist works warning us about the Illusion of Full Inclusion by special educators, and tell us that we won't lose the children whose lives we have been able to turn around by offering children and families choices in alternate education environments?

How do we look down the highway at cities like Toronto, where they have 40 alternative elementary and secondary schools, some schools within schools and some separate facilities, and close two of our three instead of realizing their importance and boosting their worth across this city?

How do you not read how other cities are doing it, and tell us you have really done your homework?

How do we not listen to voices such as this, and realize that if it means this much to those who have lived with these experiences their entire lives, then we must not only say that we are listening, we need to actually grant their wishes because they know best and you know it.

"There are many cities in Canada that would like to have what you are giving up," Paul W. Bennett, founding director of Schoolhouse Consulting in Halifax, N.S., told The Spectator."

How do we respond?

"Communities all over the province would die for a new high school. ~ Tim Simmons

It shouldn't matter how we get there. It only matters that we get there.

We are all different. That's the only argument that we need.

Choice. It's a human right.

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