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Thank you for sharing this!

Debate about the future of vocational high schools in the city was swift, with trustees rejecting senior staff’s recommendation to close both Ross and Thames and move students to larger schools.

Before the Ross/Thames decision, Trustee Ruth Tisdale, who chaired the committee that recommended keeping at least one vocational high school open, spoke passionately about the need for such a school.

“I continue to be afraid that putting these students into larger schools won’t meet the needs of these vulnerable students,” Tisdale said.

“The concern that came out loud and clear (during public consultations) was that these students have sensory issues, they have developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and I would hate for them to fall through the cracks.”

Students who attend Ross and Thames told the committee they felt unsafe and unwelcome in traditional elementary schools but felt secure, safe and performed better when they got to the specialty high schools.

“I don’t want to set any children up to feel worse about themselves,” Tisdale said.

Taken from this story.

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