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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2014 at 14:12:47

Funding transit through new revenue streams may be politically dicey, but it's far more fraught when you lack the numbers to push an agenda. Pity the Liberals didn't put that second majority government to better use.

I imagine that some of the confusion may be a result of Hamilton being named as one of five projects in the original MoveOntario 2020 press release (June 2007), which encourages the belief that it is one of the five priority commitments funded by a $17.5 billion commitment from the province, when in reality the commitment to the opening salvo of The Big Move was $11.5 billion, the money went into Toronto projects and Hamilton's LRT was one of 52 projects vying for a spot in the queue. Even Metrolinx's recent back-of-napkin funding ask ($34 billion to complete the $50 billion, evidently inflation-immune TBM), reflects a provincial investment-to-date to be $16 billion.

The province will do what it considers best whenever it decides the time is right, I'm sure.

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