Comment 97806

By John Vail (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2014 at 14:56:15

Back in 2008 many of us were advocating LRT as a City building exercise because the Province indicated that we MIGHT have been in the first tier of funding which of course did not happen for various reasons and finger pointing will not work In reality spending a Billion Dollars of money funded by local taxation when it is proven that we already are essentially at our debt ceiling locally with at least a 200 million dollar infrastructure deficit right now this minute and when reports come out even this week to City Council that we have some of the highest per property tax rates in Ontario makes LRT unaffordable and unwise to put on the property tax base Lets move on get over it and look at BRT which even the revered rock star City Planner of Toronto says is cost effective i.e. one tenth the cost of LRT and achieves the same

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