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By Azher (anonymous) | Posted February 23, 2014 at 01:54:39

Just putting this out there for people's consideration:

Has Metrolinx/ and/or the various ministries responsible for highways, etc., look at converting one or two lanes on the major 400 series highways into public transit railways? If tracks were installed across the 403, 401, 410, QEW, with stops at each exit, I'm sure that would cut traffic/ pollution in half if not more.

All that would need to be done as far as I could tell is to alter the exits/entrances from the highway to allow for safe pedestrian access, and increase bus service along the exit corridors. Most highway ramps have more than enough room to accommodate a sidewalk, bike lanes, and even stair wells where there are bridges.

Essentially, I'm thinking of dedicated lanes like the HOV lanes, but for high speed trains, running along the right side of the highway. Metrolinx is already doing something like this with MiWay in Mississauga using buses. I'm just wondering why not use existing highway lanes for high speed rail.

Surely this is something some experts somewhere out there have considered? I'd like to know if and why this wouldn't be possible. Is it being done anywhere else? Or perhaps I'm being too naive to think something like that could work.

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