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By Waterdowner (registered) | Posted February 27, 2014 at 12:31:47

One point that seems to be missed, and I know I speak for some of us in Waterdown, is that aside from all the financial/political reasons for amalgamation we just don't identify with Hamilton. We pay our taxes to and receive our services from a place that is very far away from us or our regular routes. We need to drive through another city (Burlington) to get to most areas of Hamilton. If you need to take public transportation to Hamilton it goes through Burlington. The closest hospital is in Burlington. A lot of the non-local shopping we do is in Burlington, because it's closer. A lot of us work east and drive that direction every day, but never towards Hamilton. So when we had our own identity as a town ripped away, we were forced to deal with belonging to a city that is literally on the other side of another city, another side of the lake and the opposite direction from where we work.

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