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By Jane (anonymous) (anonymous) | Posted March 08, 2014 at 00:32:39


I just read Doreen's Nicoll's courageous story and then watched the video about Banaz Mahamod. When the honour killings happened in Kingston, I couldn't believe it and thought Canada had allowed a rich monster man(with his family) to immigrate to Canada. The video helped me to understand how much control there is over women in some Eastern cultures and the immigrant male identity crisis which promotes this in western societies. The potential of extreme violence results in fear pervading and silencing the whole community with the exception of a few who speak openly and therefore start to dissolve this terrible problem. I admire those brave people very much, and also the dedicated,unrelenting police team who solved the case and extradited the young men and who offered friendship to Banaz's sister. There is a responsibility for all Canadians, Britons, Europeans, etc. to speak about this issue of minority community repression and to desire better women's rights with minority communities in harmony with that. Thanks so much for the article and for the link to the documentary.

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